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Now you can book your domain, host your website, book web-design, SEO, SMO & Digital Marketing service on our website. The Webomania also offers high-quality website scripts & themes to built & customize your site easily. There are 50+ SEO tools to check your SEO performance including website analysis & free website audit tool.

Website Design

We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in the work we have done for our clients. We offer customised web development solutions to make your brand stand out and gain an edge over its competitors. Whether you need to build a website from scratch, re-design an existing one or develop a custom mobile application, our web design team can execute all this and more. If your website isn’t earning you revenue, we can show you how to make it happen.


Our successful decade-long track-record, strong technical base, coupled with our unmatched services, contribute to making our solutions simple, powerful, and cost-effective.


Webomania CMS meets the needs of media companies, operators, public transport authorities and system suppliers within the area of infotainment.


We are having so many category websites like Cab booking, Hotel booking, Property Booking etc. Our experts help you to shine an each and every category.


We understand your requirements, We take details, we verify, we advertise, we have most familiar property websites like cubecart, Restate, Easy estate manag and PG real estate


We are having most familiar job portal websites and softwares like jobberbase, smartjob board, job board, madgex.You can easily seach job via online.


You don't need to rent a large space or travel far to make some money selling your creations and used items. With an online auction site, you can sell a variety of items.


299 CAD
    Suitable for personal website, small corporate website, and start up business
  • 10 main Pages
  • 10+ Sub pages
  • Admin panel
  • 1 year Support


699 CAD
    Suitable for e-commerce website, small portal website, and cms base website.
  • 30+ pages
  • Advanced features
  • Admin and Staff panel
  • 1 year Support


1489 CAD
    Suitable for big ecommerce website, big portals and big dynamic website
  • Advanced architectures
  • Multiple modules
  • Multiple admin panel
  • High-priority Support


2969 CAD
    Suitable for innovative website, highly advanced portals and big business.
  • Module base development
  • Multiple modules
  • Multiple admin panel
  • High-priority Support


  • * Social Integration From Off-Site Sources
  • * Photo Galleries That Users Actually Want To View.
  • * Intuitive Website Forms.
  • * Interactive Commenting System.
  • * Properly Implemented Share Buttons For Social Media.
  • * Locally based support.
  • * Easy to use content management system (CMS).
  • * Mobile Response websites.
  • * E-marketing Websites.
  • * Shopping cart.
  • * Private Client Access Areas.
  • * Social Media Integration.
  • * System Upgrades.
  • * Customer Relationship Management


  • * SQL Injections.
  • * Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • * Broken Authentication & Session Management.
  • * Insecure Direct Object References.
  • * Cross-Site Request Forgery. (CSRF)
  • * Security Misconfiguration.
  • * Stay updated.
  • * Toughen up access control.
  • * Update everything.
  • * Install a web application firewall.(like Acunetix WP Security)
  • * Tighten network security.
  • * Hide admin pages.(ex:robots_txt file)
  • * Use SSL.
  • * Back-up frequently.


An attractive and responsive website can be beneficial to your business. There are lots of Web Design Company in Ottawa. The Webomania can offer you a Professional Website Design in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and other cities, at affordable rate. We offer all kind of services related to Web Design such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and Online Marketing Service, so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. We provide 24*7 customer services and we will enable you to modify changes even if you don’t know How to design a website.

This Web Design Service Provider in Ottawa has an expert team of designers who design websites responsive for both computers and mobiles. According to our customers, we are one of the Web Design Firm among all the Web Development Companies in Ottawa. Along with all the above Php Web Development services, we also offer Online SEO tools to create and check your SEO Strategy for free. You can also build your own website for free using our Free Website Script and customize your website using our Free Themes.

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